2 min read
Leveraging human primary cell in vitro assays to advance immune targeted cancer therapeutics | Webinar

Our next immuno-oncology webinar with SelectScience is now available to stream on demand!

Discovery week
4 min read
Celebrating Discovery Week at Antibody Analytics

We're looking back at the opening of our Discovery Centre and our team's achievements so far.

4 min read
Development of an Inhibition of Proliferation Potency Bioassay | Research Poster

Using real-time kinetic data to develop a potency bioassay.

Fc silencing
4 min read
Effective IgG1 Fc Silencing | Research Poster

Effective IgG1 Fc silencing: characterisation of residual binding and functional activity.

nk cells
4 min read
NK Cell Expansion Protocol | Research Poster

Development of a NK cell expansion protocol for use in assessments of NK-targeting therapeutics.

5 min read
The Role of FcRn in Immunology and Therapeutics

The Neonatal Fc Receptor (FcRn) shows promising therapeutic potential in autoimmunity and other conditions.

4 min read
Antibody Analytics and ScreenIn3D Strike Up Strategic Partnership

Partnership with lab-on-a-chip startup will help simulate complex disease states and accelerate drug discovery.

2 min read
Watch our SPR Reflections Video Series

Antibody Analytics' in-house SPR experts discuss our custom SPR assay services and answer FAQs!

3 min read
Antibody Analytics Announced as SULSA Industry Sponsor 2024

The partnership promotes collaboration between universities and industries across life science.

3 min read
Antibody Analytics Wins SelectScience Webinar of the Year

Our CSO Dr Agapitos Patakas presents our in vitro T cell exhaustion model.

b cells 1
5 min read
B Cells' Promising Therapeutic Potential

Research often targets the capabilities of T cells, but B cells also hold therapeutic potential.

4 min read
Antibody Analytics is Proud to Partner with Black Professionals Scotland

We’re excited to work with an organisation that empowers Black ethnic minority workers.

b cells 2
6 min read
An Introduction to the Immune System’s B Cells

Our Senior Study Scientist Dr Luke Muir talks B cells.

business leadership award
5 min read
Antibody Analytics Announced as Business Leadership Award Finalist

We are delighted to share that Antibody Analytics is shortlisted for Scotland’s Life Sciences Business Leadership Award 2024!

Apprenticeship week
4 min read
Celebrating Apprenticeship Week with Kara and Elias!

This week marks National Apprenticeship Week!

5 min read
Antibody Analytics: Stemming the Biotech Brain Drain

The risk of a brain drain from Scotland is ever present...

Chair of Board Header.png
5 min read
Paul McCluskey Joins Antibody Analytics as Chair of the Board

Antibody Analytics is pleased to welcome Paul McCluskey as our new Chair of the Board. This appointment follows our recent minority investment from NorthEdge, marking a significant phase in Antibody Analytics’ growth.

IndEx-2 webinar inducible cell line system.png
3 min read
Presenting our inducible cell line system, IndEx-2 | Webinar with Agilent on SelectScience

In this webinar, we present IndEx-2, our powerful in vitro cell-based platform engineered to modulate the expression of one or two target antigens across a range of biologically relevant levels.

SPR poster.png
3 min read
Using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) to investigate the multi-specific modalities of immunotherapeutic molecules | Research poster

Explore our SPR research poster which investigates the multi-specific modalities of immunotherapeutic molecules.

Antibody Analytics secures multi-million-pound investment main img.png
5 min read
A new chapter begins: Antibody Analytics secures multi-million-pound investment

Antibody Analytics has secured a multi-million-pound investment from NorthEdge. Read on to find out more details.

IndEx-2 cell line development
4 min read
Index-2: Quantification of the antigen density activation threshold for targeted immunotherapeutics | Research poster

Explore our research poster as we analyse the data from our new cell line development platform, IndEx-2.

Rhiannon Header.png
5 min read
Behind the Goggles with Rhiannon Williams

In this series we get to know the person behind the lab coat and goggles. This month, we meet Study Scientist, Rhiannon Williams.

Tumour microenvironment featuring cells
3 min read
Modelling the tumour microenvironment for the evaluation of new immuno-oncology therapies

Explore our research poster modelling the tumour microenvironment featuring NK cells, macrophages and T cells.

Cameron Main Picture Strapi.png
5 min read
From Classroom to Lab Bench: Cameron Fyfe's Journey with Antibody Analytics

Exploring the realm of biomedical research is quite the adventure, just ask Cameron Fyfe. He's studying for an MSc in Precision Medicine and Pharmacological Innovation and got the chance to roll up his sleeves and really get stuck in during a 12-week work placement with Antibody Analytics.

Amy Nicol internship design
4 min read
Internship in Review with Amy Nicol | Career Ready with Antibody Analytics

We interview Amy Nicol, alongside her mentor Holly Greggan and review Amy's time at Antibody Analytics during her internship.

IndEx-2 greyscale image
5 min read
IndEx-2: Deciphering the impact of antigen density on tumour targeting therapeutics

Find out more about our new inducible cell line development model IndEx-2 by reading through our latest whitepaper.

Screenshot 2023-07-03 110428.png
5 min read
Behind the Goggles with Rebecca Bonner

In this series we get to know the person behind the lab coat and goggles. This month, we meet Study Scientist, Rebecca Bonner. 

T cell exhaustion webinar resource image
3 min read
Presenting our human in vitro T cell exhaustion model | Webinar with Agilent on SelectScience

In this webinar, we present our own human in vitro T cell exhaustion model that is suitable for the screening of immuno-modulatory molecules, bispecific T cell engagers and multi-functional modalities.

BLOG thumbnail - main pic (meta img) (3).png
5 min read
Sister Act - Starring Rebecca McNiven

Whilst Rebecca was performing in Sister Act, the team from Antibody Analytics were there to support her across all five days of the live show. Here is a little bit more about what Rebecca had to say about the show.

IndEx-2 image showing PEGS illustaration
3 min read
IndEx-2 | PEGS Boston presentation

We are thrilled to share with you the presentation delivered by our CSO, Dr Agapitos Patakas, at the prestigious PEGS Boston 2023 conference.

Team from Antibody holding award nominations
4 min read
Antibody Analytics have achieved Finalist status At Two Lanarkshire Business Excellence Awards

Antibody Analytics are proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for two Lanarkshire business awards! Best business 51+ Employees and a nomination for Elias Blyel as apprentice of the year

Carolyn Header.jpg
7 min read
Behind the Goggles with Carolyn Rainer

In this series we get to know the person behind the lab coat and goggles. This month, we meet Senior Study Scientist, Carolyn Rainer.

Fi Header.jpg
7 min read
Behind the Goggles with Fiona Miller

In this series we get to know the person behind the lab coat and goggles. This month, we meet Senior Study Manager, Fiona Miller. 

IndEx-2 Inducible cell line being displayed
4 min read
Introducing IndEx-2: The New Solution for Measuring the Safety & Efficacy of Your Therapeutic

Our latest new development is the launch of our transformative inducible cell line development platform: IndEx-2.

Discovery Week Blog Image_1.png
7 min read
Celebrating One Year of the Antibody Analytics Discovery Centre with Discovery Week

The 29th of May – 2nd of June marks ‘Discovery Week’ here at Antibody Analytics. A chance for us to celebrate as a team and promote discovery throughout the wider industry. Since cutting the ribbon on the Discovery Centre in May 2022, we've achieved some amazing milestones, and we're excited to share them with you.

5 min read
Behind the goggles with Dr. Andrew Baron: Scientific Director (Bioanalytical)

In this series we get to know the person behind the lab coat and goggles. First up, we meet Andrew Baron.

NL employer charter Gold-Antibody Analytics Feb 23-2 (1).jpg
3 min read
Antibody Analytics Commitment to Workforce Recognised with Gold Award

Antibody Analytics is proud to announce that we have been presented with a Gold Award in the North Lanarkshire Council Employee Charter for Fair Pay, Employ North Lanarkshire, and Be the Best.

Science Blog.png
2 min read
Empowering Excellence: Building a Diverse and Inclusive Science Community

We are engaged. We are enthusiastic. We are experts. And we are committed to making science a level playing field for all, irrespective of gender. 

6 min read
Antibody Analytics in Action: Lauren Brown, Senior Study Manager

Joining Antibody Analytics in November 2022, Lauren Brown is the newest addition to our Senior Study Management team.

5 min read
Antibody Analytics shortlisted for innovation in Pharma Services and Drug Discovery award

Antibody Analytics is thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted in Scotland's Life Sciences Annual Awards in the 'Innovation Pharma Services and Drug Discovery' category.

HistologiX and Antibody Analytics partnerhsip blog thumbnail.png
4 min read
Strategic Partnership Announcement: Antibody Analytics and HistologiX

Antibody Analytics is excited to announce a strategic partnership with HistologiX who specialise in cellular and digital pathology services.

Placement_AA_Dec22 (640 × 368px).png
5 min read
Future Fridays with Antibody Analytics

Antibody Analytics is dedicated to supporting young people in STEM through various learning opportunities. We recently welcomed two students from Brannock High School for a four-week work experience placement. Not only are the students looking to achieve an SQA qualification from this, but they'll also get a glimpse into the working world.

Innovation, relocation and augmentation: A year in review
7 min read
Innovation, relocation and augmentation: A year in review

With so much to celebrate and 2023 right around the corner, what better time to reflect on our highlights from the past 12 months?

An illustration detailing materials and reagents for SPR
5 min read
Key materials and reagents for SPR

One of the easiest ways to make beautiful assays is to ensure that you have effectively considered what sensor chips, buffers and other reagents are right for the job. Choosing your sensor chip An important part of setting up an assay is to ensure that the correct chip is chosen before you start. Beginning with…

SPR proteins in action featured in greyscale
3 min read
SPR - Know your protein

Like most analytical assays, the quality of the starting material can heavily influence the results obtained. Poor quality proteins, and the solutions they are formulated in, can adversely affect measurements and ultimately the data quality and/or the microfluidics of the system. 

Treg suppression with whitepaper banner
5 min read
Treg function, Treg suppression and your therapeutic candidate

Our Treg suppression assay formats are adaptable, using natural Tregs isolated from PBMCs, or induced Tregs expanded and differentiated from naïve CD4+ T cells.

Treg suppression-card.png
7 min read
Treg suppression assays for testing immuno-oncology and auto-immunity drugs

Regulatory T cells (thymically and peripherally derived Treg) have critical roles in maintaining immune homeostasis and controlling aberrant/excessive responses to self and non-self antigens.

Image showing T cell exhaustion model with poster highlight
7 min read
T cell exhaustion models for the investigation of checkpoint inhibitors

Antibody Analytics has established an in vitro T cell exhaustion model that can be used to assess candidate immunotherapeutics. Find out more about our unique approach.

Image illustrating cell line development
5 min read
Best practices in cell line development

Target cells are a critical component of immune cell effector assays. Whether investigating T cell dependent cellular cytotoxicity (TDCC) or antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC), we create engineered target cells uniquely suited for the evaluation of effector function and molecule specificity. But how do we achieve this and what are the principles we follow?

Potency assay image with whitepaper cta
5 min read
Potency assay development considerations

Successful approval of biological medicinal products in the EU and US requires characterisation of the biological product’s properties to enable the setting of specifications that control the molecule’s critical quality attributes (CQA) for release into the clinic and onto the market. Release specifications ensure manufacturing lot-to-lot consistency, product stability, and ultimately, patient safety. So, what are the main development considerations? We delve into these to future-proof your potency assays.

5 min read
Going For Gold with Antibody Analytics

Phew! It’s been quite the year for us here at Antibody Analytics. Between opening our new facility, the Antibody Analytics Discovery Centre and welcoming a host of new faces to our team, it’s certainly been all systems go. While 2022 signifies growth in all areas of our organisation, we’re delighted that this has been recognised beyond our …

Ambar-scaled 2.jpeg
5 min read
Supporting STEM's Rising Stars

We’re always happy to offer a helping hand to the rising stars of the future and we recently welcomed Ambar Ramzan to the team on a 12-week placement, as part of her MSc in Precision Medicine and Pharmacological Innovation. “I completed my Master of Pharmacy in 2016 but after working in pharmacy for five years …

3 min read
Career Ready with Antibody Analytics

Antibody Analytics is dedicated to investing our time and resources into developing young people in STEM. We recently engaged with Career Ready, a charity which works with employers, schools, and volunteers to support young people across the UK to advance in their careers through two year mentorship scheme. Thanks to the Career Ready programme, we...

7 min read
Antibody Analytics Opens Discovery Centre

A new Discovery Centre dedicated to the advancement of medical research and drug development opened its doors in Motherwell as part of a major expansion by a leading health sciences company. The unveiling of the new Antibody Analytics Discovery Centre, funded in part with support from Scottish Enterprise, will act as the springboard for the…

Kieran Izzett.png
4 min read
Meet Kieran | A Culture Dedicated to the Research Revolution

As you might have heard through the grape vine, this year, we’ve had the opportunity to offer not one, not two, but three research and development secondments. We’ve sat down with Kieran Izzett to dive deep into his experience of a culture dedicated to the research revolution. “What is life?” often crosses my mind. I ...

Jennifer Lawson.png
5 min read
Meet Jennifer Lawson | Chief Operating Officer

“How did it all begin? I studied for an undergraduate degree in Immunology at the University of Glasgow. When I graduated in 2001, I did what many aspiring scientists do; I put on my lab coat to get some hands on experience in a proper lab. “I took my knowledge of the immune system and …

Louis & Holly.png
5 min read
Meet Louis & Holly | Levelling Up with Antibody Analytics

To celebrate our continual growth, we sat down with the team to see what ignited the move from academia to Antibody Analytics.

Amy Graham.png
5 min read
Meet Amy | From Operations to R&D in 400 days

As you’ve probably heard, Antibody Analytics is expanding, and so is our development opportunities. To celebrate our growth, we’ve sat down with a very talented lady who, with her hard work and determination, has attained a secondment in the Research and Development (R&D) department. Amy Graham has taken opportunities in her stride and injected enthusiasm…

Hannah Findlay.png
5 min read
Meet Hannah | A Second-to-None Secondment

As agents of change, we’ve switched things up in the laboratory. To celebrate this period of change, we’ve sat down with Hannah Findlay to see how her secondment into the Research and Development (R&D) department aligns with the continual growth of Antibody Analytics.

5 min read
British Science Week 2022

The 11th of March 2022 marks the start of British Science Week, a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM). This year, the theme is ‘growth,’ so it's only fitting that we take you on a journey from the bench to the bedside and beyond.

Andy Upsall.png
5 min read
Meet Andy | Managing Director

The Antibody Analytics journey begins with its Managing Director, Andy Upsall. As the organisation continues to grow, we aim to understand the origins of Antibody Analytics and what led Andy to establish the company in 2016.

Rebecca McNiven (1).png
5 min read
Meet Rebecca | Junior Scientific Support Operative

With a flair for the human body and the way in which it works, we seek to discover how Rebecca’s diploma in Professional Music Theatre do-si-doed into a technical apprenticeship in the field of science.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2022.png
5 min read
International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2022

Friday the 11th of February marks the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. During this historic day, people around the world are recognising the role of women and girls in the field of science, not only as beneficiaries but as agents of change.

Tim London (1).png
5 min read
Meet Tim | Director of Molecular Biology

Considering Tim’s vast experience in molecular biology, wonder for the wider world and what makes things the way that they are, its believed Tim’s path led him to Antibody Analytics because of his intrigue and desire to provide a genuine impact in the field of medicine.

Michahaila Downie (1).png
5 min read
Meet Michahaila | Director of People and Finance

With a degree in applied psychology and experience in the social care sector, we seek to discover how Michahaila found herself in the scientific field and what this means as the Director of People and Finance.

Adele Hannigan.png
5 min read
Meet Adele | Director of Marketing

With a PhD and post-doctoral experience as a cancer research scientist, we aim to understand Adele’s journey from the field of research and development to the Director of Marketing at Antibody Analytics.

5 min read
Antibody Analytics wins Innovate UK SMART award

Antibody Analytics are pleased to announce that they have been awarded a coveted and highly competitive SMART grant from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency.

5 min read
Effector cell considerations

The population of effector cells used in cell-based cytotoxicity assays such as TMC is an important consideration. Depending on how sensitive or therapeutically relevant your assay needs to be will dictate what sort of effector preparation should be used. The more sensitive an assay system (through the use of less clinically relevant effector cell preparations)…