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Meet Adele | Director of Marketing


With a PhD and post-doctoral experience as a cancer research scientist, we aim to understand Adele’s journey from the field of research and development to the Director of Marketing at Antibody Analytics.


As a skilled scientist with experience in both academia and the biotechnology industry, we believe Adele’s knack for scientific writing and commercial know-how has led her into her current role and the field of marketing.


Research, of course. Much like an assay, we can’t guess the results. Instead, we must experiment and explore until we reach an evidenced conclusion! We’ve sat down and caught up with Adele; she told us about her notable experience within industry and progression in the Antibody Analytics team.


“Phew! Where do I begin? I suppose my path naturally led me to my current appointment at Antibody Analytics, but it’s certainly been a journey. I’m a scientist by trade, writer by nature and a curious individual all-around. Science was an obvious avenue for me, and while I studied chemistry at an undergraduate level, my natural curiosity led me to a biology-focused master’s degree and then PhD.

“I’ve always been interested in drug development. I suppose that’s why I focused on EBV-associated cancers during my PhD and then became a post-doctoral research scientist exploring TGFbeta cell signalling in cancer. I also pursued a stint in Australia with a Biotech company producing nanoparticles for the delivery of cancer treatments. When returning to Scotland and moving into industry, my scope changed, and I started to focus on business development – cultivating relationships, grant applications and messaging. The skillset I established soon led me to my first appointment at Antibody Analytics as the Head of Knowledge Transfer (fancy, I know!).

“My time since joining the organisation has been both insightful and exciting. My first role saw me bridge the divide between the R&D and commercial teams; you could even describe me as an interpreter, ensuring the organisation is on the same page. Using my scientific writing skills means I can simplify and make sense of complicated ‘science speak’, ensuring everyone can understand.  I’ve worked extensively with Antibody Analytics customers, understanding their requirements and translating this into study designs to generate meaningful data for their drug development process. The ability to effectively communicate across a range of diverse stakeholders is how I’ve found myself meandering into the world of marketing!

“My new position will see me supporting Antibody Analytics to raise its profile, positioning ourselves within the wider market to showcase our internal talent and expertise. It’s an exciting time to take on this challenge; the organisation’s rapid growth presents the perfect opportunity to show the wider industry what Antibody Analytics is capable of. With such a vast range of experience within the team and a growing R&D department, the future possibilities are limitless.”

Next Steps

“Antibody Analytics is an ever-developing company, and it’s certainly an exciting time to be part of the journey! As the Director of Marketing, I’ll be supporting organisational growth by introducing exciting new concepts and sharing our story with the world. Our story is only just beginning, and the next few chapters aren’t to be missed.”


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Published: 2022-01-24