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Our Equipment
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NovoCyte Quanteon Flow Cytometer

Customers come to us for expert multi-parameter panel design they can rely on. With the powerful 4-laser Quanteon flow cytometer, we can provide in depth immune cell and target cell characterisation. Configured with 25 independent photomultipliers and coupled with 96 well plate processing capabilities, this gives us the freedom to push our assay design further than imagined. The high content analysis power of the Quanteon is fully utilised with our primary cell assay platforms, where we can simultaneously assess cell lineage, immune and target cell phenotype, activation markers, functionality, viability and proliferation. With the added ability to provide absolute counts, the level of data that can be produced is unrivalled. We apply the Quanteon to T cell activation assays, T cell exhaustion, cytotoxicity assessments, suppression assays, effector function and expression profiling, patient-derived tissues – essentially any immune cell co-culture.

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Customers approach us to apply real time cell analysis to their cytotoxicity assessments as less time is wasted in the assay optimisation stage identifying the optimal time (end) point. This is especially relevant when assessing a new molecule and target cell line combination. Unlike traditional assay endpoints, xCELLigence allows target cells to be monitored, in the absence of labels, continuously and automatically throughout the entire course of an experiment. Our scientists are experts in applying the xCELLigence system to quantify cell death induced by cell therapies (CAR-T, TCR-T), immune cell engagers, ADCs and small molecules. With an ability to generate 4PL data and EC50s, we apply the system from molecule ranking to translational studies. When coupled with flow cytometry and multiplex cytokine readouts, this has unlocked invaluable data for our customers at various stages of drug development. The xCELLigence lends itself to the simultaneous measurement of target cell death, effector cell phenotype and activation status and secondary mechanisms of action by cytokine quantification.

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Biacore 8K SPR systems

Surface plasmon resonance is a powerful label-free technique providing real-time high resolution information on the kinetics of biomolecular interactions. We use the high throughput, yet highly sensitive Biacore 8Ks at all stages of the drug discovery process. At the earliest stages we screen for leads, perform molecule ranking or epitope binning – providing invaluable information to take you to a smaller number of candidates faster. At the later stages of the drug discovery process, our SPR expertise is focussed on applying high-powered assay designs to yield kinetic and affinity measurements of unrivalled accuracy and specificity. We have developed ‘test sample-ready’ assay designs for antibody product characterisation, enabled by our in-house production
of quality, multi-species, Fc receptor reagents.

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Luminex MAGPIX® System

We employ bead based multi-analyte profiling to complex immune co-culture models and cytokine release assays to maximise the amount of data generated from a single assessment. This analysis offers several advantages over conventional ELISA approaches. With up to 50 analytes measurable using small volumes, we can maximise the characterisation of your valuable samples. Such high content data provides insight on modes of action, adverse effects and can inform potential biomarker development. Analyte panels can be tailored to suit your needs, be it off-the-shelf or custom, our experts will work with you to ensure it addresses your scientific questions. We apply the MAGPIX and other multiplex cytokine technologies to maximise the data produced from cytotoxicity assays, cytokine release assays, T cell exhaustion assays, activation and suppression assays, assessment of “on target, off tumour effects”, patient-derived tissues and complex immune co-culture assays.

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Hidex Sense Plate Readers

A high-performance multimode microplate reader for fluorescence, absorbance and luminescence-based detection, our Hidex Sense instruments are the work horses of our simplest bioassay formats. We have developed a range of luciferase expressing target cell lines and matched assay format for the determination of effector cell function and others MoA, which providing superior bioassay performance. From cytokine ELISAs and end point plate-based and cytotoxicity assays, to temperature-controlled kinetic fluorescent photometry, the Hidex sense can function as the primary assay readout or complement complex multi-readout, high content experiments.

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Automated Cell Separation

Reproducible isolation of high purity, functional immune cell preparations from primary tissues is central to the performance of our assays. By automating the process, we ensure consistent isolation of high purity, functional immune cell preparations even for rare cell populations, allowing us to qualify isolated cells for use in primary cell assays, complex co-cultures and effector function assessments. This enables us to perform medium throughput, multi-donor, complex primary immune cell assays with confidence, with minimal risk of contamination from other cell types or between donors. Where donor material is limited and matched cells from the same donor is required, e.g. a Treg or macrophage suppression assay, sequential isolations of immune cell types can be performed from the same sample. This technology serves not only to increase feasibility of large-scale assays but provide reproducible isolations, reducing inter-assay variation.

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