Our Service Models
FTE plus -
An extension to your team
Precisely defining your experimental needs can be challenging, particularly when the drug development journey takes unexpected twists and turns. This unpredictability can be difficult to manage when working with an external research partner. Our FTE plus model has been designed with this in mind, giving you the ability to flex in response to your evolving requirements. The FTE plus study team, with dedicated Study Manager and Senior Project Lead, are carefully matched to your technical requirements. They embed themselves with your scientists, gaining a deep understanding of your project and its nuances to work collaboratively towards achieving your goals. Our aim is to enhance your scientific team; expanding your collective expertise, providing you with the agility you need to expedite your programs.
Fee-For-Service -
For defined project delivery
Whether you plan to access one of our platform systems or need custom assay development, the scope of most projects can be reasonably well-defined in advance or are simply stand-alone studies. Either way, our fee-for-service model is well-suited. Our technical specialists work with you from the beginning, at the project-scoping stage, to understand your request, advise on technical feasibility and work in consultation with you to define a clear project structure. This is agreed in advance and will form the guiding principles of the study that will be used by our scientists to deliver upon your key objectives.
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Select the right service model for your needs
FTE plus
Suited to
  • Early drug discovery and projects of wide scope, with freedom to switch experimental direction
  • Running multiple projects in parallel
  • Well-defined projects
  • On demand or routine sample testing, or 
  • Stand-alone studies
Key benefits
  • We build a scientific collaboration, strengthening your project team with recurring meetings
  • Ability to reprioritise projects and rapidly redeploy our resource in line with your requirements
  • Ability to define “go / no-go” points in study 
  • Clear objectives & milestones, defined at project start 
  • Ready deployment of off-the-shelf methods and pre-developed platforms
The delivery
  • Resource allocated to you over a pre-agreed (flexible) time period
  • Timeline estimate provided for study completion
Other options
Ever been in a situation where you know experimental work needs to be completed by a deadline but you don’t have the full details yet? We can support you by offering a flexible approach; we can reserve laboratory capacity, staff resources or even materials.
Speak to one of our team today to discuss how we can agree a creative approach together to meet your needs from a practical and scientific point of view.
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