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5 min read
Key materials and reagents for SPR

One of the easiest ways to make beautiful assays is to ensure that you have effectively considered what sensor chips, buffers and other reagents are right for the job. Choosing your sensor chip An important part of setting up an assay is to ensure that the correct chip is chosen before you start. Beginning with…

5 min read
Treg function, Treg suppression and your therapeutic candidate

Our Treg suppression assay formats are adaptable, using natural Tregs isolated from PBMCs, or induced Tregs expanded and differentiated from naïve CD4+ T cells.

7 min read
T cell exhaustion models for the investigation of checkpoint inhibitors

Antibody Analytics was the first CRO to develop an in vitro exhaustion process that yields a T cell phenotype that effectively mimics the look and behaviour of tumour infiltrating cells (TILs) found in the tumour microenvironment.

5 min read
Best practices in cell line development

Target cells are a critical component of immune cell effector assays. Whether investigating T cell dependent cellular cytotoxicity (TDCC) or antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC), we create engineered target cells uniquely suited for the evaluation of effector function and molecule specificity. But how do we achieve this and what are the principles we follow?