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Leveraging human primary cell in vitro assays to advance immune targeted cancer therapeutics | Webinar

Our next immuno-oncology webinar with SelectScience is now available to stream on demand! 

Immuno-oncology is undergoing profound changes. Thousands of new treatments are being developed within the global drug discovery pipeline. With this rise in new therapeutics comes a need for robust in vitro assays to accurately characterise their mechanisms of action and effector functions. 

Our Senior Study Manager Dr Gavin Meehan stars in the latest collaboration between Antibody Analytics and SelectScience. The webinar discusses the different in vitro assays currently used in immuno-oncology drug discovery, as well as the new types of assays in development. 

Key takeaways include:

  • The various cell-type-specific assays available for characterising different immunotherapies
  • How inducible cell lines can help to better understand the binding capabilities of therapeutics
  • How the transition to more complex systems like tissue organoids can provide more robust characterisation data

IndEx-2: Dual inducible in vitro cell line system

In addition, Gavin explores our IndEx-2 dual inducible in vitro cell line system and how it can be used in combination with our primary cell platforms to determine thresholds of activation. He delves into the potential of ‘on-target/off-tumour’ effects for antibody-targeted therapeutic candidates.

The webinar also features a Q&A portion and questions the future necessity of using animal models in drug discovery. 

Are you working in immuno-oncology and interested in our in vitro assay capabilities

gavin small
Dr Gavin Meehan
Senior Study Scientist
Published: 2024-06-13