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Meet Rebecca | Junior Scientific Support Operative


With a flair for the human body and the way in which it works, we seek to discover how Rebecca’s diploma in Professional Music Theatre do-si-doed into a technical apprenticeship in the field of science. 


Inquisitive by nature, we believe Rebecca’s practical understanding of anatomy has ignited her enthusiasm to expand her knowledge into the realm of science.


Research, of course. Much like an assay, we can’t guess the results. Instead, we must experiment and explore until we reach an evidenced conclusion! We’ve sat down and caught up with Rebecca, who explained her transition from cruise ships to lab work.


“Some may consider my background a little unconventional for a career in immunology, but theatre is what led me to my current role. Like DNA strands that simultaneously coil around each other and store biological information, my practical knowledge of theatre arts is intertwined with my curiosity for science. From attaining a diploma in Professional Musical Theatre to performing regular aerial silk shows on Royal Caribbean cruise ships, I acquired extensive knowledge of how the body moves, functions, and reacts.

“You could say I’ve always been fascinated by anatomy and the prescriptive nature of dance. In school, I excelled at biology and chemistry, and this knowledge of science helped me to adapt my body, nurse injuries and improve my overall health. I would constantly find myself asking questions like ‘how do I boost my nutrition?’ or ‘how do I combat fatigue?’.  So, I guess, this curiosity was what inspired me to further my studies in the scientific sector. As soon as I saw the technical apprenticeship post advertised, I knew Antibody Analytics was for me.

“A day in the life of Rebecca? Gosh, no day is the same. Since starting as a Junior Scientific Support Operative in January 2021, I’ve contributed to cell culture, reagent preparation, documentation, and quality assurance.

“Alongside this part-time position, I’m studying a Higher National Diploma in Industrial Biotechnology at Glasgow Clyde College. This is a two-year course that has already equipped me with a thorough understanding of biology, chemistry, and process engineering. Working at Antibody Analytics has brought my studies to life; it’s really helped me to contextualise industry-led concepts like sustainable manufacturing and laboratory techniques.”

Next Steps

“I’m extremely excited to see where my new role takes me. As Junior Scientific Support Operative, I look forward to new opportunities such as the part-time degree program in Immunology and Biochemistry at the University of Strathclyde, which I will begin in September 2022. As a keen learner passionate about developing my talents, this degree will allow me to gain the skills and knowledge required to develop and progress within Antibody Analytics. In addition to broadening my career prospects in the future, this opportunity will enhance my current knowledge of the biological processes I perform routinely.”


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Published: 2022-02-17