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Behind the Goggles with Rhiannon Williams

In this series we get to know the person behind the lab coat and goggles. This month, we meet Study Scientist, Rhiannon Williams.

Meet Rhiannon 

“I’m a Study Scientist at Antibody Analytics, where I’m involved in the fascinating world of immunology and bioanalytical science. Strathclyde University equipped me with a degree in immunology and pharmacology and master's in immunology, steering me towards the industry instead of academia. The reason? I find the structure of industry work appealing; it's the right mix of research, teamwork, and a regular 9-to-5 routine.”

A Love for the Lab 

“I started my career in a different Contract Research Organisation (CRO), where I climbed the ranks from Analyst 1 to Analyst 3 before joining Antibody Analytics. I thrive in the lab; it’s where I can be hands-on, apply my knowledge, and generate meaningful data for our customers. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that the work I do contributes to something much bigger in drug development and can potentially help someone in need down the line.”

A Day in My Life 

“My daily tasks as a Study Scientist are incredibly diverse, which keeps things exciting! Although my foundation is in immunology work, I also venture into the world of bioanalytics. This crossover allows me to collaborate with various departments and work on a range of different assays. Each day is unique. My day usually involves lab work, interpreting data, and collaborating with Study Managers. I value the teamwork at Antibody Analytics; it’s not just about passing the buck and moving on. We all contribute to the subsequent stages of the scientific process.”

Celebrating Balance

“One aspect of Antibody Analytics that I particularly admire is the focus on personal and professional development. There are numerous committees to join, such as the sustainability committee that I’m a part of, and plenty of external training opportunities. The company regards us as more than just employees and is genuinely invested in our growth. As a woman in STEM, it’s empowering to be a part of an organisation that maintains a healthy balance between male and female colleagues and ensures that women are adequately represented in managerial and senior positions.”

Sustainability Matters 

“I’m excited about being part of the recently established sustainability committee. We’re working on making Antibody Analytics more carbon neutral, which is a big deal in the science industry where reducing our carbon footprint can be particularly challenging. It’s all about getting everyone involved in making changes and reducing our impact as a company.”

Final Thoughts 

“If you’re considering a role at Antibody Analytics, be prepared for no two days to be the same and to have plenty of opportunities to grow and develop in different areas. As long as you’re open to learning every day and gaining new experiences, it’s a fantastic choice! I’m thrilled to be part of the Antibody Analytics team and to contribute to the meaningful work we do. The collaborative atmosphere, opportunities for growth, and focus on sustainability make it a fantastic place to work. Here’s to many more exciting developments on the horizon.” 


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Rhiannon Williams
Study Scientist
Published: 2023-09-13