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Behind the Goggles with Rebecca Bonner

In this series we get to know the person behind the lab coat and goggles. This month, we meet Study Scientist, Rebecca Bonner.  

Welcoming New Horizons in Bioanalytics and Immunology 

My scientific journey began at Glasgow Caledonian University where I honed my skills in pharmacology, which later opened doors to an exciting career in bioscience. Currently, I'm part of the bioanalytical team at Antibody Analytics, operating as a study scientist and contributing to the team's success.

The Freedom to Cross-Train

The dynamic nature of Antibody Analytics has always welcomed the idea of cross-training, allowing me to transition smoothly between roles when required. With an interest in immunology, I've been fortunate to delve into this field. The chance to operate within both fields has expanded my knowledge and skillset, making my role not only challenging but also incredibly rewarding.

An Essential Cog in the Scheduling Machine

My position doesn't stop at the lab bench; I am also part of the scheduling team, a role which allows me to contribute to the smooth functioning of our operations.  This perspective allows me to contribute positively towards the team, enabling us to meet our goals within the set timelines. My role extends beyond simply understanding the science; it involves aligning the project objectives with the team's capabilities, ensuring every task is executed with precision and within the necessary time frames. Alongside this responsibility, I also don the hat of Assay Rating Coordinator! After all, variety is the spice of life. In this role, I highlight areas of improvement while communicating with the senior leadership team.

Exploring the Operations Arena

In addition to my bioanalytical role, I also take on the responsibilities of an operations coordinator, an extension that has contributed greatly to my professional development. Being an operations coordinator involves keeping a pulse on the overall functioning of the company, coordinating resources, and managing timelines. This position provides a unique opportunity to view the organisation from a different perspective, enhancing my understanding of our work and its impact on our business objectives.

 Embracing the Learning Curve

At Antibody Analytics, learning is a journey rather than a destination. It's an organisation that encourages continuous learning and supports everyone’s desire to diversify their skills. The opportunity to transition between roles and departments has been immensely rewarding, offering new challenges and insights at every turn. The freedom to transition between roles and departments presents a constant learning curve, allowing us to gather insights from different perspectives and experiences.

The environment of continuous learning and development has made my journey at Antibody Analytics exciting. Each day has a new challenge and I've found that there's always something new to learn, an opportunity to grow, and a chance to contribute positively to our collective goals. 

To Wrap It Up

Navigating my role at Antibody Analytics, I've found an environment that promotes growth, embraces learning, and encourages the broadening of professional horizons. Being a part of this dynamic team continues to be an exciting experience that fuels my passion for science every day. The ability to navigate through various departments, the continuous learning opportunities, and the supportive work environment contribute significantly to the value of my role here. If you are seeking a professional environment that encourages growth, promotes learning, and values teamwork, Antibody Analytics could be the place for you

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Rebecca Bonner
Study Scientist
Published: 2023-07-03