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Behind the Goggles with Carolyn Rainer

In this series we get to know the person behind the lab coat and goggles. This month, we meet Senior Study Scientist, Carolyn Rainer.   

From Austria to the UK: A Tale of Two Passions

I grew up in a small village in Austria, where I always had a fascination for science and the world around me. When it came time to decide about my future, I was torn between two fields I loved - architecture and research. Ultimately, it was the promise of discovery and understanding that drew me towards a career in science.

I soon enrolled in a biomedical science programme and began my journey into the scientific world. It gave me the opportunity to explore various clinical laboratories, including clinical microbiology, clinical chemistry, and hematology. 

Delving into Research and Molecular Biology

After completing my biomedical training, I joined a research lab focused on neuroimmunology. This field explores the complex relationship between the nervous system and the immune system, and I was intrigued by the potential discoveries that could be made at this intersection. I spent six years in the lab, conducting various experiments including methods in molecular biology which further sparked my interest in this field. I decided to pursue my curiosity for molecular biology further by studying it at master’s level. 

Following that, I joined a unique project that merged academia and industry, focusing on oncology. This project allowed me to test drugs on multiple myeloma cell lines to determine their effectiveness in killing cancer cells. Ultimately, this led to my move to the UK and the completion of my PhD in cancer biology, exploring the treatment of metastatic disease in pancreatic cancer with a focus on the tumour microenvironment and how chemotherapy impacts the immune response to cancer.

Finding My Path at Antibody Analytics

After completing my PhD, I was at a crossroads between staying in academia or moving into industry. As fate would have it, I stumbled upon Antibody Analytics, allowing me to stay in the field of onco-immunology. Given my interest in immunology, this seemed like a natural next step for me. Excited by the prospects, I joined the company and embarked on a new journey.

My role as a Senior Study Scientist at Antibody Analytics has allowed me to continue supporting research and in particular the incredible potential of antibodies in medicine. Working alongside and leading a team of dedicated and passionate scientists, I felt inspired to apply my expertise and competence to contribute to the advancement of our organisation and its potential impact on the world of medicine. 

Sharing My Knowledge and Inspiring Others

One of the most rewarding aspects of my career at Antibody Analytics has been witnessing the growth and success of those I have mentored. I've seen Junior Scientists flourish, becoming experts in their fields, and making significant contributions to science. I am proud to have played a role in their development and to have helped foster a passion for discovery in others.

If someone were considering applying for a role at our company, I would encourage them to seize the opportunity, as there are numerous benefits to becoming part of our diverse and dynamic team.

Antibody Analytics offers a unique environment to expand on any skillset. With a range of departments, including quality control, operations, R&D, sales and marketing, there is an abundance of opportunity to develop both personally and professionally. What sets our company apart is the open and approachable culture that fosters collaboration across departments. We are continually growing, but we maintain a close-knit atmosphere that values everyone’s input and ideas.

One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Antibody Analytics is the chance to engage in stimulating scientific conversations with colleagues from various backgrounds. The wealth of expertise within our team enriches these discussions and leads to a deeper understanding of the subject matter. This open communication and diversity of perspectives enable our team members to learn and develop rapidly, which I believe is a unique advantage of working at Antibody Analytics.

A Lifelong Passion for Discovery 

As I reflect on my journey in the scientific world, I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to contribute to our understanding of human health and to inspire others to pursue their passions. My career at Antibody Analytics has been both challenging and rewarding. The company's diverse and collaborative environment has allowed me to not only make good use of my experience and scientific knowledge, but also to continue learning and improving through continuous interactions with colleagues, contributing to our evolving culture. 

I hope that my story serves as a reminder that it is never too late to pursue your dreams and that with dedication and a willingness to learn, you can achieve success in any field you choose. By choosing a career at Antibody Analytics, you can embark on an exciting journey of discovery and play an active role in advancing the development of novel therapeutics through innovative research.


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Dr. Carolyn Rainer
Senior Study Scientist
Published: 2023-06-05