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Behind the goggles with Dr. Andrew Baron: Scientific Director (Bioanalytical)

In this series we get to know the person behind the lab coat and goggles. First up, we meet Andrew Baron.  

What’s your role at Antibody Analytics? 

I’m a Scientific Director at Antibody Analytics, responsible for the Bioanalytical division of the company. This involves looking after our Bioanalytical team: the study managers, the study scientists, and the operations coordinators. My role is to ensure that we work effectively and efficiently to deliver reliable results for our customers and a safe and enjoyable environment for our team. 

The Bioanalytical team works together in harmony to meet the needs of our customers. It’s up to us to ensure our customers get a stellar service by providing the right technical support and expertise from the moment they join us and throughout their journey to ensure their project is delivered on time and to a high standard. 

What’s changed since you joined the company in 2015? 

I first started working with Andy Upsall well before the establishment of Antibody Analytics. As a university intern, I was on board from the start and our collaboration developed over time. After completing my PhD and joining Andy at a previous organisation, I was eager to join Andy on our ambitious mission of Antibody Analytics. It was a blank slate, filled with potential and innovation, and I jumped at the chance to be a part of it. Since then, the company has grown significantly. My team in the lab are keen to explore ways we can do things better, not just the way they have always been done. Starting from a clean slate in a culture that encourages discovery ensures we are always moving forward. 

What makes you proud about the job you do? 

When I set out to be a scientist, I hoped I would change the world. My knowledge from years as an academic and the practical application of that expertise in industry feels like I’m achieving that in my own small way. 

I enjoy being part of the customer experience. My move from academia means I’m now on the front line to understand challenges and explore solutions. It’s really fulfilling to see how customers’ needs match our solutions, and it’s exciting to see where future opportunities might lie in the work we are currently developing. 

What’s coming up that you’re looking forward to? 

That’s the exciting part! We’ve progressed quickly from a small but mighty team to a large group of industry experts that mentors eager young talent with fresh ideas. Every day I’m amazed at the progress we’ve made as our team grows around us. I’m not sure what I’m looking forward to, as I couldn’t have predicted where we are today, I take every step as it comes, and I’m excited for tomorrow. 

What would you say to fresh talent starting their career in this field? 

Start with the end in mind. Knowing what you want to achieve will help you focus on what path to take. It’s important to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. 

That’s not to say your path might bend in surprising ways. I’m proud of our approach at Antibody Analytics as we present options for our young scientists to understand their path. We’re now in the perfect position to offer budding scientists the right support and help them to find the thing that makes them shine. This might be staying in the lab, but it could be exploring other business units, secondments across the organisation, or discovering what might come next in R&D. What a great time to be a scientist! 

Dr. Andrew Baron
Scientific Director (Bioanalytical)
Published: 2023-03-14