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Career Ready with Antibody Analytics

Antibody Analytics is dedicated to investing our time and resources into developing young people in STEM. We recently engaged with Career Ready, a charity which works with employers, schools, and volunteers to support young people across the UK to advance in their careers through two year mentorship scheme. Thanks to the Career Ready programme, we welcomed Zoha Rashid to our team to embark on a four-week internship.  

At school, Zoha had always been interested in STEM subjects such as chemistry, biology, and physics. After a momentous spotlight on the medical field during the pandemic, Zoha was inspired to pursue a career in a science-focused field. Zoha has had a chance to gain a deeper understanding of the life of a scientist. From shadowing the team in the lab to seeing what paperwork goes on behind the scenes, the internship provided a variety of learning experiences. Now that her internship has come to an end, we’ve had the chance to hear from Zoha and the impact that her time with Antibody Analytics has had on her prospects.  

“I’m currently in my final year at school, and my passion for science has been bubbling away over the years. So much so that I’m aiming to study medicine and become a doctor in the future. This opportunity was recommended to me by my teachers, who are aware of my interest in STEM. The process of applying for the internship was super easy. Career Ready provided me with an application form which led to my place at Antibody Analytics; it was all very exciting! 

“My favourite part of working at Antibody Analytics has been seeing how my studies translate in real-time. It’s been great watching experiments take place and understanding how the team works together. This opportunity has given me valuable insight into what it’s like to work in a practical environment outside the classroom. I’ve also enjoyed working as part of the team.” 

“I’ve had the chance to learn and develop from the team’s insights, which has furthered my interest in medicine. My mentor, John, has been on hand throughout my internship, which has kept me right! This placement has not only provided me with invaluable experience but will help me to write my UCAS application when applying for university (which is coming around very quickly!).  

“I would like to thank the team at Antibody Analytics for being so welcoming and helping me to further my knowledge and understanding of what the working world entails.”  

We’ve also heard from Zoha’s Mentor and Site Manager John Carruthers to find out what he’s learnt from this experience and why supporting the talent of tomorrow is so important to Antibody Analytics.  

“Well, it’s safe to say mentoring an intern has certainly made me feel old (!). Jokes aside, the opportunity to support Zoha has been a refreshing reminder of why I got into the science field in the first place. Supporting a youngster as they enter further education means you’re working alongside someone brimming with natural curiosity and enthusiasm; it’s hard not to feel similarly inspired. I hope the knowledge I’ve passed down will support Zoha (or should I say soon to be Dr Rashid) in her forthcoming endeavours, and I can’t wait to hear all about her future in medicine.”


Antibody Analytics
Bioanalytics Team
Published: 2022-07-26