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Supporting STEM's Rising Stars

We’re always happy to offer a helping hand to the rising stars of the future and we recently welcomed Ambar Ramzan to the team on a 12-week placement, as part of her MSc in Precision Medicine and Pharmacological Innovation. 

“I completed my Master of Pharmacy in 2016 but after working in pharmacy for five years, I realised I was ready for the next challenge. Keen to pursue something that would allow me to advance my knowledge and skills, the University of Glasgow’s MSc in Precision Medicine and Pharmacological Innovation jumped out at me as an exciting opportunity, and I started the course in September 2021. 

“Healthcare is always changing and evolving, and this degree combines science and innovation to develop new technologies and products that can improve patient treatments. It’s the perfect combination of scientific research and industry collaboration and I’m excited to think that I’m playing a part in shaping the future of healthcare. This company is one which is ever advancing so I believe it is one to look out for in the near future.  

“A key element of the degree is securing a 12-week industry placement and I knew straight away that I would approach Antibody Analytics. There were so many great placement projects on offer with a variety of organisations, but I had already given a presentation on Antibody Analytics in December, for an earlier module around small biotech companies, and Andy had been so helpful and supportive when I took a chance calling him for information.  

“Andy even emailed after my presentation to find out how it went, which was lovely and unexpected, so I took another chance asking if there were any placement projects available and I feel so fortunate that the team agreed to take me on. I now have three supervisors, Fiona, Andrew and Jen, who are supporting me to carry out the research that will be the basis of my master’s dissertation which is titled ‘Screening of donors for use in NK ADCC assays, and optimization of NK isolation from frozen PBMC Leukopaks’. 

“This is a fantastic project to be working on and I have really enjoyed getting back into the lab, although it was daunting to begin with. But everyone in the team has been incredibly supportive and so many people have offered their expertise and taken the time to explain the research to me on a one-to-one level, despite having their own workloads to contend with. I will be due to present my dissertation September, but I am confident I will be ready thanks to the support and encouragement of the team.  

“It can feel intimidating approaching a company that you are keen to work with but being enthusiastic and determined can really pay off. As it turned out, Antibody Analytics was one of the BioCity Group companies that the University had been keen to work with for many years, so it is an extra privilege to be the first placement student from this course.  

“I’m thoroughly enjoying working with a small company that’s continuing to expand and grow and I know this project will open up so many opportunities once I’ve finished my degree. There are a few potential career paths I could take including further research, quality assurance and research & development but whichever route I take I’ll always be so grateful to Antibody Analytics for giving me the opportunity to learn and develop, and ultimately setting me up for success. The project has already been so rewarding and I’m excited to see how I can play a part in shaping the healthcare of the future.”


Antibody Analytics
Bioanalytics Team
Published: 2022-07-29