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Introducing IndEx-2: The New Solution for Measuring the Safety & Efficacy of Your Therapeutic

Announcing IndEx-2

Antibody Analytics is proud to announce the product launch of our highly anticipated IndEx-2 platform!

The number of antibody-targeted I-O therapeutics in development is growing year after year. However, there persists a lack of in vitro systems to interrogate the efficacy and safety of these modalities.  

In response to this, we have developed IndEx-2, an advanced in vitro cell-based platform which allows the expression of one, or two, target antigens over a range of biologically relevant levels, allowing the determination of the precise antigen density activation thresholds of targeted candidate immunotherapies and antibody-based therapeutics.

IndEx-2 unlocks massive potential across the biotechnology sector, and the wider biopharmaceutical field. With this being our first official product launch, we are looking forward to pushing the boundaries of drug discovery and data collection through our bespoke new cell line development platform.


  • The platform can be rapidly customized, to provide inducible expression of any target antigen of interest (TAOI) in the same genetic background.
  • Orthogonal titration systems allow for the finely controlled expression of one to two TAOIs, over an extensive dynamic range.

Therapeutic window determination

Fine control of TAOI expression with IndEx-2 allows healthy and disease state levels to be modelled on the backdrop of the same genetic background. This enables:

  • The determination of the minimum activation threshold – know when and how your molecule will be activated.
  • in vitro modelling to assess the likelihood of “on target, off tumor” toxicities

High content data generation

IndEx-2 is a model system that is compatible with our extensive range of in vitro bioassays and primary immune cell assays, like our unique exhausted human T cell model amongst many other options.

IndEx-2 is compatible with:

  • T cell activation and cytotoxicity assays; T cell engagers and CAR-T cell therapies
  • NK cell activation and cytotoxicity assays; NK cell engagers and CAR-NK cell therapies
  • Cytotoxicity assays; for ADCs
  • Effector function assays; for monoclonal antibodies

Seamless integration – Compatible with Antibody Analytics’ functional immunology assays 

Would you like to find out more about how Antibody Analytics can assist you with your drug discovery journey? Get in touch with our team so we can collaborate and create beautiful datasets. 

We are committed to your drug discovery journey. 

Image showing Tim -Director of Molecular Biology
Dr Timothy London
Director Of Molecular Biology
Published: 2023-05-30