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Antibody Analytics Wins SelectScience Webinar of the Year

We are honoured to win the Scientists’ Choice Award for Drug Discovery & Development Webinar of the Year! The winning webinar features our Chief Scientific Officer Dr Agapitos Patakas, along with Agilent Technologies, presenting our in vitro T cell exhaustion model. 

Webinar of the Year 

SelectScience provides expert information on the best scientific products and techniques. Their annual awards showcase those with the greatest impact on science globally

Our webinar, ‘Modeling the tumor microenvironment: An in vitro T cell exhaustion model for the characterization of multi-specific biologics and immunotherapies’, discusses the benefits and limitations of using an in vitro T cell exhaustion assay.

Watch the winning webinar here. 


“We are honoured to win the Scientists’ Choice Award for our webinar on T cell exhaustion! 

Our in vitro model addresses the unmet need for a biologically relevant, human in vitro model for T cell exhaustion. 

This work is just one example of our extensive immunology capabilities and demonstrates how we apply these to accelerate the drug development programmes of our customers.” - Dr Agapitos Patakas.

T Cell Exhaustion

T cell exhaustion is a state of cell dysfunction that is central to chronic infection and cancer pathology. However, there is an unmet need for a convenient and biologically relevant human in vitro model of this. 

Most studies investigating T cell exhaustion use mouse models of chronic viral infections. However, these are difficult and expensive – and usually do not allow the assessment of human-targeting biologics. Additionally, traditional T cell activation assays do not generate exhausted T cells. 

At Antibody Analytics, we develop innovative solutions to challenging problems. Our in vitro model addresses these issues and produces T cells with the characteristics of exhaustion from healthy human donor cells. It is an invaluable tool in assessing the impact of candidate immunotherapies on T cell state

Look out for more of our webinars throughout the year! 

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Laura Allison
Marketing Assistant
Published: 2024-03-15