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Antibody Analytics is Proud to Partner with Black Professionals Scotland

We’re excited to work with Black Professionals Scotland (BPS), an organisation that empowers Black ethnic minority workers in Scotland to thrive. 

At Antibody Analytics, we champion diversity, equality, and inclusion. To us, they’re not just HR buzzwords, but actionable points. We know that employing people with different backgrounds provides unique and valuable perspectives. We place particular emphasis on women in STEM; 69% of our workforce is female, and our leadership team has an equal gender split


While we’re proud of our Scottish roots, we need to do better to encourage people from ethnic minorities to enter our workspace. 

That’s where BPS comes in. 

They help companies provide equitable opportunities to those commonly marginalised in the workplace. 

“Our collective aim is to not only redefine opportunities for Black professionals in Scotland, but also to pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse future in cutting-edge biopharmaceutical solutions.” - BPS. 

Watch Enoch Adeyemi (Founder and CEO, BPS) and Michahaila Downie (Director of People and Finance, Antibody Analytics) discuss the benefits of employing minority groups.


“Having a diverse workforce leads to a well-rounded organisation. 

We’re thrilled to be joining forces with BPS. We really want to tap into that workforce and be known as a company of choice. 

BPS’s aim is to create diversity in the workforce, which will make Scotland more inclusive and open. At Antibody Analytics, we wholeheartedly embrace that!” – Michahaila Downie. 

Read more about how Antibody Analytics is helping to counteract a biotech brain drain.  

Interested in working at an exciting and diverse biotech? Check out our scientific and non-scientific roles now. 

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Laura Allison
Marketing Assistant
Published: 2024-03-07