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Watch our SPR Reflections Video Series

Welcome to our SPR Reflections video series! In each video, one of our in-house SPR experts will cover a different aspect of our custom SPR assay services and answer FAQs. Watch now!

What is SPR? 

Throughout the drug development life cycle, therapeutics need to be continuously characterised. We can do this using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) assays, which evaluate protein-protein and protein-small molecule interactions during drug discovery and development. 

Our in-house, plug-and-play SPR assays are performed using Biacore 8K instruments, ensuring:

  • High throughput 
  • Data-rich analysis 
  • Low sample consumption 

Watch our SPR experts! 

In our first video, our Director of Biophysics, Dr Nichole Cerutti talks about the importance of reagent quality in SPR assays. 

In the second episode, Dr Sophie Moncrieff covers our SPR assay set ups and customisation options

Watch Dr Louis Julien discuss the range of Fc receptors that we produce in-house and the reproducibility of our results.  

Finally, Dr Sophie Moncrieff discusses how to transfer your SPR binding assay to Antibody Analytics.

Interested in using our off-the-shelf SPR assays or custom solutions to test your therapeutic? 

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Laura Allison
Marketing Assistant
Published: 2024-04-09