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Meet Andy | Managing Director


The Antibody Analytics journey begins with its Managing Director, Andy Upsall. As the organisation continues to grow, we aim to understand the origins of Antibody Analytics and what led Andy to establish the company in 2016.


With a keen interest in antibody-like therapeutics and breaking the mould that is the traditional world of contract testing laboratories, we believe Andy’s business acumen combined with his desire to create a happy and motivated workforce led to the formation of Antibody Analytics as we know it.


Research, of course. Much like an assay, we can’t guess the results. Instead, we must experiment and explore until we reach an evidenced conclusion! We’ve sat down and caught up with Andy, who has shared the Antibody Analytics story, examining the journey from conception to an established organisation.


“Looking back, I suppose my pathway into the sciences was obvious. I’ve always been inquisitive; in fact, I recently discovered one of my old school reports, which read ‘Andy is certainly a budding scientist!’. I even used to take science experiments home with me from the classroom. That’s right, optional homework! That genuine fascination for experimentation and finding solutions has remained prominent throughout my life and is probably why I now don the titles of scientist and business owner.

“Antibody Analytics is the product of a desire to create a really fantastic place to work, somewhere that we push the boundaries and participate in some fascinating science. After spending time in industry as a Virologist and later co-founding BioOutsource, Antibody Analytics was established in 2016. I’d taken my experiences from my previous 13 years working in graduate roles and as a company director to facilitate a new dream, one where we can offer ambitious but exciting services and adapt to the markets changing needs.

“It was me, my wife Michahaila and business partner Andrew who set out to create Antibody Analytics those years ago. We wanted to build an organisation led by scientists with the vision of establishing world-leading capabilities in the fields of immunology and bioanalytical testing. Having the opportunity to shape the organisation alongside those with a shared vision has led us to where we are today. Five years later, our vision is becoming a reality. We’ve grown rapidly, and it’s certainly been a learning journey, but its lessons will continually shape the future of our organisation.

“We’ve recently surpassed 50 teammates. Our people are responsible for our success, continually demonstrating commitment, loyalty and motivation to develop themselves and drive the company forward. As an employer, one of my personal aims is to ensure we offer superb working conditions, with room for our colleagues to grow and flourish. It’s that simple; I’m passionate about developing our workforce while providing outstanding quality to our customers to help them discover new therapeutic solutions to some of the greatest healthcare challenges of our time.” 

Next Steps

“With new projects, services and infrastructure on the horizon, there’s so much more for us to achieve, and we have ambitious plans moving forward. At the centre of it all is a drive to invest in our workforce while developing our capabilities for the wider market, moving towards a future centred around the use of technology. There’s plenty to be excited about; watch this space.”


Do you want to be part of a dynamic organisation that’s passionate about your success? We recommend a role at Antibody Analytics, take a look at our current vacancies on our Careers page.

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Published: 2022-02-24