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A new chapter begins: Antibody Analytics secures multi-million-pound investment

We're thrilled to share a remarkable milestone with you – Antibody Analytics has secured a multi-million-pound investment from NorthEdge, a private equity firm headquartered in Manchester. This investment is not just a financial boost to the company; it's a catalyst for exciting growth, innovation, and global impact.

At Antibody Analytics, we stand at the forefront of pre-clinical drug discovery, supporting biopharmaceutical companies worldwide in their quest to develop ground-breaking solutions for their challenges. This investment represents a significant leap forward for us, paving the way for remarkable developments. So how will the investment be used and how will it contribute to our plans?

Antibody Analytics and NorthEdge

1. Expanded facilities for cutting-edge research services

With NorthEdge's support, we're expanding our facilities. The Antibody Analytics Discovery Centre will get further state-of-the-art technology and equipment in house with larger lab capacity. This ensures that we remain pioneers in innovative research, ready to tackle the toughest scientific challenges.

2. Job creation and economic growth

Our growth will not be limited to Antibody Analytics alone. This investment promises numerous job opportunities within the broader Scottish Life Sciences sector, contributing to the stability and prosperity of the region in line with Scotland’s ambitious Life Sciences strategy.

Antibody Analytics and NorthEdge

3. Global leadership in immunology research services

Antibody Analytics will continue to be a regional life sciences powerhouse while solidifying its position as a recognised global leader in discovery and pre-clinical immunology research services.

4. Commitment to a healthier future

Our CEO, Andy Upsall, emphasises that this investment will empower us to develop technologies and services that address the industry's demands, ultimately impacting patient outcomes and advancing life sciences.

Andy Upsall said: "This marks a watershed moment for Antibody Analytics. We're committed to using this investment as a tool – to create jobs, expand our facilities, solidify our global standing and allow us to realise our vision of a healthier future for all.”

With this investment, we will continue to develop technologies and provide services that address the challenges the industry demands. Now more than ever, the developers of innovative biotherapeutics require specialist solutions, as they forge their way through the increasingly difficult and expensive drug development pathway. This is just the beginning of our journey to further impact patient outcomes and drive advancements in life sciences.

5. Innovation and breakthroughs

Dr. Agapitos Patakas, Chief Scientific Officer at Antibody Analytics, notes that this investment will make Antibody Analytics a technological powerhouse, leading the way in immunology, bioanalysis, and translational sciences. He added:

“NorthEdge's investment reinforces our existing commitment to innovation. It empowers Antibody Analytics to transform into a technological powerhouse, pioneering the next wave of breakthroughs in immunology, bioanalysis, and translational sciences. As we navigate this pivotal chapter, our focus remains on developing and harnessing novel technologies with an aim to revolutionise pre-clinical research services, enabling the best medicines to reach the clinic.”

Antibody Analytics is thrilled to have found the perfect partner in NorthEdge. Their cultural alignment, hands-on support, and experience in building global businesses make them the ideal catalyst for our next phase of growth.

The investment was run out of NorthEdge’s Manchester office and led by Jon Pickering, Partner and CIO; Liam May, Director; and Simone Masterson, Investment Manager. Liam May will join the board on behalf of NorthEdge. 

Antibody Analytics and NorthEdge

Liam May, Director at NorthEdge, added: “We’re thrilled to be backing Andy and the team at Antibody Analytics to support this extremely exciting stage of growth. At NorthEdge, we have a strong cultural alignment with Antibody Analytics and we are committed to investing in people, technology and infrastructure to support businesses that improve global health outcomes.” 

Antibody Analytics has a track record of developing strategically important services, alongside a pipeline of R&D projects that will further cement its reputation as a leader in its field. The value creation plan leverages the company’s culture of innovation and blends it with a continued focus on quality, client service and a market-leading employee value proposition to facilitate scale.

This is just the beginning of our journey to further impact patient outcomes and drive advancements in life sciences. Together with NorthEdge, we're excited to build a better future and transform pre-clinical research services, ensuring the best therapeutic targets reach the clinic.

The future is brighter than ever. 

If you’re interested in the official PR piece, you can read it here: 

Dr. Adele Hannigan
Chief Business Officer
Published: 2023-11-02