Target discovery

New biological targets with the potential for therapeutic intervention are uncovered from basic research, literature screens, bioinformatic and experimental screens, many times enhanced by artificial intelligence approaches. Whatever the source, our scientific teams will invest themselves from the outset, in understanding the underlying biology and in collaboration with you, develop a bespoke approach to validate your disease target in terms of both expression and function.


Target expression profiling

We have access to fresh and frozen tissues and cells from healthy donors and patient populations, store thousands of vials of cryopreserved PBMCs from healthy donors, have readily accessible blood donors and maintain immortalised cell lines on site. Led by the biology, our scientists will collaborate with you to select the most appropriate cellular materials for your studies.

 Healthy donorsPatient populations
Primary immune cellsWhole blood 
Immune cell banks
Whole blood 
Cell modelsIn vitro differentiated populations e.g. dendritic cells, macrophages, Tregs 
Isolated or expanded rare cell populations 
Disease models e.g. exhausted T cells
Cell linesPrimary, cancer and other immortalised cell lines
TissuesFresh tissues from healthy and patient populations
Frozen/fixed tissues for immunohistochemical analysis (via partner)


We apply high content methodologies, including multiparameter flow cytometry and immunohistochemical analysis (via our partners) to assess and contextualise expression.


Target biology validation

As immune cell experts, we relish applying our know-how to the hypothesis testing of new targets with the potential for therapeutic intervention. Faithfully capturing aspects of disease biology in a dish excites us and we achieve this with our in vitro immunology models. We tailor services to address the underlying biology, answering your questions by applying complex models that are built using our primary T cell, natural killer (NK) cell, dendritic cell (DC), macrophage and PBMC/whole blood expertise to interrogate the biology of your target. We will employ surrogate molecules to explore target function or where valuable, our molecular biologists can implement engineered approaches to obtain further clarity. Custom-designed signaling reporter cells can be used to delineate the relative contributions of converging signaling pathways or knockout engineered cell systems can be designed to achieve greater resolution.

We are motivated by new and interesting biology and take pride in the challenge of designing fit for purpose assay systems to kick-start your discovery pipeline. We work in collaboration with you and are differentiated by our investment into achieving your project goals. Speak to one of our experts to discuss your target discovery needs.