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At Antibody Analytics we understand the unique challenges that come with drug discovery. In an effort to better serve our valued clients, we have pulled together a virtual workshop. We are looking to understand the current challenges you are facing as you navigate the complicated world of drug development, from the basics all the way through to the complex.
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We don’t just do the fancy stuff.
We have experience in pretty much everything…

With our experts in the fields of Immunology, Oncology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Bioassay development and Bioanalytical Sciences, we bring decades of experience in solving the tough challenges encountered during the drug development process.

We would love the opportunity to bring our respective experts together for a confidential workshop, allowing us to dive deeper into the complexities of your molecules and to help build a bespoke comprehensive testing plan.


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We would like to offer you the opportunity for your experts to sit down with our experts to:

Explore your needs, areas for support, and what scientific challenges you are facing.

We want to align ourselves with your long term goals.

Our aim is to improve how we support you now, and in the future, by guiding our internal research & development.

We are experts in assay design and assay qualification
We are enabled by our resources

Human PBMC banks
(~70 donors banked on-site)​

Hundreds of cell lines (engineered and non-engineered) banked on site

Access to best-in-class technologies and instrumentation​
Whole blood access, with pre-genotyped donors​
In house cell line engineering and molecular biology capabilities​

We can provide assay validation to ‘GMP-ready’
and offer tech transfer services​

We are enabled by our people:

Our People

With over 123 Years of experience, we’re confident we’ll be able to improve how we support you now, and in the future.

Andy Upsall

Andy Upsall

Managing Director
Andy (Managing Director/co-founder of AA) is a technical expert in biologic drug characterisation with a comprehensive understanding of structure-function relationship and expertise in designing and implementing bioanalytical testing strategies across therapeutic classes. He started his scientific career working at Medimmune UK working in the QC Department responsible for releaase of live, attenuated Influenza vaccine.
In 2005, he moved to Covance Laboratories where (as the senior Bioassay Scientist) he was responsible for development & validation of a range of cell based functional methodologies for GMP lot release as well as assessment of neutralising anti-drug antibodies in patient samples working. In 2007, Andy was a founding member and first employee of BioOutsource in Glasgow. During this time, Andy held multiple positions in the organisation, establishing operational divisions and defining the R&D and operational strategies.
Andy is considered an industry expert in the characterisation of biologics having worked with over 100 different companies across a diverse range of therapeutic areas.
Tim London
Dr Timothy London
Director of Molecular Biology
Tim has a 1st class undergraduate Masters in Biochemistry (University of Bath) and a PhD from the University of Cambridge. He continued his career as a research scientist within the Protein Sciences Team at MedImmune. As part of various projects, he was responsible for cell line development and protein purification activities to enable lead generation and isolation activities throughout the research phase of the antibody therapeutic development pipeline. Tim then joined TC BioPharm as a Product Development Manager and played a key role in leading a team of scientists through the early-stage CAR-T program, overseeing the design and testing of co-stimulatory CARs in gamma delta T cells. Tim also established the in-house molecular biology capabilities, including design and outfitting of a new molecular biology laboratory which became a core in-house capability. Tim now serves as the Director of Molecular Biology at Antibody Analytics.
Agapitos Patakas
Dr Agapitos Patakas
Chief Scientific Officer
Agi originally trained as a pharmacist, followed by an MSc in ImmunoPharmacology & MPhil in Pharmacology (Uni of Strathclyde) and a PhD in Immunology/Rheumatology (Uni of Glasgow). As a post-doctoral researcher in the Institute of Infection, Immunity & Inflammation, Agi published multiple papers on the role of T cell co-stimulation in inflammatory arthritis. In 2015 he joined TC BioPharm as a Senior Scientist and was rapidly promoted to Head of Product Development. He led all process and product development activities, established the company’s CAR-T program. He is co-inventor in several T cell therapy patents. Agi joined Antibody Analytics as Director of Immunology in 2018, where he established the translational immunology business unit, leading the development of several bespoke immunology assays (e.g. T cell exhaustion, T-cell mediated cytotoxicity assays etc) significantly expanding the company’s client portfolio. In 2020 Agi became CSO and now strategically leads all new service development.
Adele Hannigan

Dr Adele Hannigan

Head of Knowledge Transfer
Following an undergraduate Masters degree in Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, Adele transitioned to the study of cancer cell biology for her PhD. First investigating the role of viral oncogenes in the development of EBV-associated cancers and the contribution of the immune system to disease pathology in transgenic mouse models, before moving to the Beatson Institute for her post-doctorate to investigate the dichotomous role of TGFβ in cancer cell signalling and behaviour using various in vitro and in vivo models. Since transitioning to industry, Adele has held a variety of research and development roles at clinical stage drug development companies with unique platform technologies. Adele spent a number of years in Sydney as an industrial post-doctoral cancer researcher, developing bacterially-derived anucleate minicell technology, now in phase I/II clinical trials (EnGeneIC, Australia). At her next role at a cell therapy company as Development Manager, Adele was part of a multi-disciplinary team that brought an ATMP (autologous T cell therapy) to phase I clinical trial and led a team of scientists in the development and patenting of novel chimeric antigen receptor technology. Since then, Adele has held commercial roles spanning business development, search & evaluation and establishing key industrial and academic partnerships. As Head of Knowledge Transfer, Adele serves to bridge the divide between the R&D and commercial teams, ensuring that Antibody Analytics continues to provide world leading assay services in line with the developments of the immuno-oncology field.
Tim London
Dr Robert Benson
Director of Immunology

Robert joined Antibody Analytics as Director of Immunology in 2020. An undergraduate degree in Immunology at the University of Glasgow sparked his passion for the spatial and temporal nature of immunity. He undertook a PhD at the University of Edinburgh utilising various in vitro and in vivo models to investigate the impact of the Notch developmental signalling pathways on CD4 T cell differentiation and the decision to mount protective versus pathological responses. During this time Robert developed a greater appreciation for how cutting-edge imaging techniques could help reveal the dynamic nature of immunity. A move to the University of Strathclyde’s Centre for Biophotonics and a return to the University of Glasgow’s Institute of Infection, Immunity & Inflammation saw Robert develop intravital imaging techniques and transgenic models to better understand dynamic immune processes. He has published over 40 papers, two book chapters and given numerous invited lectures revealing how dynamic interactions between innate, adaptive and host tissues contribute to both beneficial and detrimental outcomes in range of immune settings. Having supervised several PhD students, lectured in immunology and delivered MSc courses in animal models of disease, Robert remains a University of Glasgow Research Affiliate.

Alice Harrison
Dr Alice Harrison
Chief Operating Officer
Alice trained as a molecular immunologist at Oxford. Alice started her career in GMP production of diagnostic kits at Dako Diagnostics; further expertise of antibody function and characterisation was gained whilst working on xeno-antibody projects at Imutran Ltd and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. On her return from the United States, Alice joined the laboratory of Professor Anton van der Merwe at the University of Oxford to investigate molecular interactions of T cell and NK cell surface receptors and their role in triggering. At Oxford, Alice gained a DPhil and ran the surface plasmon facility for the Dunn School of Pathology. In 2007, Alice joined an Oxford University spin-out, BioAnaLab, founded by Professor Geoff Hale, as a study manager and went on to lead the GMP analytical testing division during the acquisitions by Millipore and Merck. Alice’s insight into QC testing of large molecules, in particular the limitations of cytotoxicity assays, led to further work with Geoff Hale at GH Developments and the founding of Mablyte Limited. In 2014, Alice established a consultancy and contract research business, HarrisonBio, supporting companies developing and testing biopharmaceuticals. Alice joined Antibody Analytics in2019 as Chief Operating Officer.
~50 staff with specialty combinations​
Experienced in the development of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, bi-, tri- and multi-specifics, antibody drug conjugates, small molecules, complex biologics and cell therapies​
First-hand experience in drug development companies, CROs and CTOs. ​
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