So, it’s Exam Result Day. Remember, there’s…

No Wrong Path
We get that Exam Results time can be very stressful. Especially during a pandemic where you can't even sit an exam. At Antibody Analytics we're firm believers in the fact that there is #nowrongpath

Looking for a Career in BioTech?

We actually have a few positions that we’re trying to fill.

Before you fill out the form below, why not check out a few of our Career Listings and see if any of those positions would suit you?

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Exam Results can be a big deal, and it’s a scary time, especially during a pandemic where you don’t even get to sit an exam.

No matter how your grades turn out, don’t stress.

We’ve set up this page called #nowrongpath

It’s a way for people who are maybe at a bit of a crossroads to upload their CV’s, skills, talents best jokes and life hacks, to join our Recruitment List. That way, when we’re looking for new people to join our exciting team, we have a database of people to call upon that we know could really add something unique to our company.

Kind of like the Avengers.

To join our recruitment list, simply fill out the form as best you can, and we’ll add you to our pool of contacts.

We’re constantly expanding and always in need of new and exciting people that can take our company to the next level.

Even if you’ve never set foot in a lab before, we have a number of teams throughout the company; everything from Science, to Marketing, Copyrighting, Operations, Finance, Sales, Admin, and everything in between.

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