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Meet Tim, Director of Molecular Biology
Considering Tim’s vast experience in molecular biology, wonder for the wider world and what makes things the way that they are, its believed Tim’s path led him to Antibody Analytics because of his intrigue and desire to provide a genuine impact in the field of medicine.

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We aim to uncover how Tim’s scientific path led to becoming the Director of Molecular Biology at Antibody Analytics.


Considering Tim’s vast experience in molecular biology, wonder for the wider world and what makes things the way that they are, its believed Tim’s path led him to Antibody Analytics because of his intrigue and desire to provide a genuine impact in the field of medicine.


Research, of course. Much like an assay, we can’t guess the results. Instead, we must experiment and explore until we reach an evidenced conclusion! We’ve sat down and caught up with Tim. He has told us all about his experience, pathway and role at Antibody Analytics.


“I’ve always been fascinated by the way the world works. Humans, machines, computers, the universe – you name it, and I’ve likely asked the question ‘why?’. It’s in my nature to be a little nosey, curious, shall we say, so I suppose it was only natural that I ended up pursuing a career in the sciences. Working in this field allows me to ask my array of questions and provides me with the tools I need to find the answers!

“After completing an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at the University of Bath, I did what many scientists do; I rolled up my sleeves and went forth to achieve my PhD in Molecular Biology, this time at the University of Cambridge. My fascination for genetics and molecular biology was ignited, and I’ve been designing constructs, researching and building molecules ever since.

“Like many scientists, I found myself at a crossroads after publishing my PhD findings. Do I continue to explore all that academia has to offer, or do I go into industry where I can be part of evolving change? I opted for the latter. I realised during my PhD that I wanted to work on therapeutic development, to be part of something that could one day make a real difference. 

“I’ve spent over 12 years in industry, progressing from the hands-on generation of cell lines to providing my expertise to shape ongoing development and lead other scientists. I’ve worked with both MedImmune, the research and development arm of AstraZeneca and TC BioPharm, a CAR-T cell therapy company. These experiences have led me to my current position of Director of Molecular Biology at Antibody Analytics.

“Although I started my role in March 2020 (not a great month for new careers!) I’ve been pleased to achieve some pretty great things in my short time with the organisation. My role is seeded within the research and development team, where we’re tasked with generating new assays and technologies that can support our clients’ endeavours in drug development.

“We were shortly awarded the Smart Innovate UK grant to create a cell line system after my appointment, which has been a focal point of my work so far. I really appreciate and enjoy the variety of projects Antibody Analytics has to offer in my role. I’ve been given the freedom to pursue my ideas, seeing things go from scientific experimentation to conclusion. It’s fast-paced and certainly keeps me on my toes but is thoroughly enjoyable.”

Next Steps

“As the Director of Molecular Biology, I can’t wait to see what’s next for my role and the organisation. The array of clients, projects and opportunities are something to be excited about. As we continue to grow and expand our team, I look forward utilising the assays and systems we are developing in R&D on client projects, hopefully helping to progress a therapeutic to market and making a real world difference in the lives of patients.”


Do you want to be part of a dynamic organisation that’s passionate about your success? We recommend a role at Antibody Analytics. https://www.antibodyanalytics.com/careers/

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