Ligand Binding using SPR
With a direct correlation between target binding and the efficacy of a molecule, great therapeutic candidates should elicit the optimum affinity and specificity for its antigen. To accelerate in-depth characterisation and aid candidate selection Antibody Analytics offer a variety of optimised SPR platform methodologies, ready to assess protein-protein binding interactions.

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What is SPR analysis?
Much like ELISA and flow cytometry-based techniques, surface plasmon resonance (SPR) is used throughout drug development to study molecular interactions between protein therapeutics and their binding partners. What sets SPR apart is the ability to measure real-time binding with kinetic analysis providing more data including association and dissociation rates.

As a label-free technique, direct measurements can be made without reliance upon modification to binding partners or the use of secondary reagents, which can introduce experimental artefacts to the data.

Our approach to Ligand Binding studies
  • We’ve tailored our SPR platforms to support the requirements of early discovery projects through to QC characterisation with designs that deliver high throughput and/or exceptional data quality.
  • All SPR assays at Antibody Analytics are conducted using Biacore 8Ks. This is the most advanced SPR machine currently available that brings a combination of outstanding data quality, sensitivity, and throughput.
  • Established protocols to confirm suitability of existing setups for seamless adoption.
  • Customisation protocols to adapt methodologies for unique or complex programmes
  • Extensive efforts have been applied to confirm elimination of non-specific binding and improve data quality.
ligand binding via spr
Ligand Binding via SPR Brochure
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How are customers using our ligand binding assays?
Therapeutic developers are tasked with investigating the relationship between their molecule’s structure and it’s function. Applying SPR analysis at the earliest stages of your development programmes, allows you to de-risk decision making with more informative data and interpretation.

Customers using Antibody Analytics’ SPR services have access to our specialist team who provide expert knowledge on both biophysics and assay designs as we continue to support their screening programmes, identification and confirmation target binding, characterisation of lead candidates and multi-species analysis to support discovery and pre-clinical evaluations.

Whatever your requirements, let us understand your goals and help define effective strategies to better the structure-function relationships.

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Working with us
Every project is different and every molecule has unique challenges where one solution rarely cures all. Here at Antibody Analytics we have built flexible solutions that are underpinned by a comprehensive and systematic approach, delivering complex customer projects quickly and in line with their research goals. With multiple standardised options, our approaches to ligand binding assessments will allow you to insert your molecules into a process that quickly provides answers to questions of binding activity.

If you are looking to test your molecule in a more predictable, standardised method, why not share some of your requirements here and we can get a proposal out to you, or alternatively speak to our team and let us build a tailored approach to just for you.

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