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We have partnered with Scendea to deliver our regulatory services.

Scendea is a leading product development and regulatory consulting practice serving the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Scendea was founded as a result of a management buyout of the product development and regulatory consulting function of a clinical research organisation. Our origin dates back over 20 years, with involvement in over 1,000 development programmes. Scendea has team members based in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and the US.

Scendea’s expert team deliver strategic and operational support in the fields of quality/CMC, non-clinical/toxicology, clinical/medical and regulatory to successfully guide products from early development to marketing approval. A combination of scientific excellence, industry experience and commercial awareness allow our expert team to solve complex issues associated with medicinal product development, aligned to jurisdiction-specific regulatory requirements.

Founded by pioneers integral to the development of the world’s first humanized monoclonal antibody therapeutic, mAbsolveTM have developed a new Fc variant which is more comprehensively silenced than previous antibodies. It is able to reduce unwanted inflammatory responses from the next generation of antibody-based drugs.

Unlike other variants on the market, mAbsolve’s shows no binding to Fc gamma receptors and the mutations can be used with all isotypes and are compatible with other commonly used Fc variants (e.g. half-life extension).

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