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Our assay can help predict the likelihood your candidate has of inducing cytokine release syndrome

What is

CRS or cytokine storm, is a broad term to describe uncontrolled cytokine release in response to an administered product, and is a severe and sometimes fatal, side-effect of a number of immunomodulatory monoclonal antibodies and cell therapy treatments.  

Screening at an early stage in the discovery process using our in vitro cytokine release assay will enable you to reduce the immunotoxicity of your candidates by informed rational design.

CRS can result from binding to non-target immune cells or even prolonged binding to the intended target which can elicit an exaggerated effect.

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How do we perform our in vitro

PBMCs or whole blood are taken from at least 20 donors and incubated with your therapeutic candidates in a 96 well plate format. Following 2-3 days co-incubation, we evaluate the supernatants for a panel of cytokines in our multiplex format (Luminex). This assay provides you with a wealth of information on multiple cytokines from multiple donors.

In a results-driven manner, our expert immunologists can work with you to develop further immunological assays to interrogate the data arising from the cytokine release assay.

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Access to a range of donors for whole blood assay, with banks of cryopreserved PBMCs from >70 donors available


Our assays can include benchmark antibodies as controls e.g. Cetuximab or Infliximab (low risk) and Alemtuzumab (high risk)

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When is it most appropriate to use a 


The first-in-man clinical trial of the anti-CD28 super agonist TGN1412 is an extreme example of the potential effects of uncontrolled cytokine release. Cytokine storm has been clinically documented for a number of therapeutic antibodies and is a common adverse event in chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T clinical trials.

Our cytokine release assays can help you predict some of the immunotoxicities which may be associated with your candidate. Our expert immunologists will work closely with you to ensure that we offer you the most appropriate assay set up for your therapeutic candidates.

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