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We like to think that we’re a bit different than other companies. This is where we tell you about our people, our culture, our values and what we think makes us different.

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Our People

We’re not all scientists and academics, most of us are pizza lovers, coffee addicts, football fans, dog owners, cat lovers and a few of us even quite like science.

Most of us are nice. Like almost too nice.

Intimidatingly nice. 

Our Benefits

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, both towards our clients, but also for our staff. We may have a new custome-built facility, but we also realise that sometimes you need to be able to work from home, the car… anywhere really.

Work from Home

Home & Flexible Working

Audible Subscription

Death in Service Benefit

Pizza Fridays

Work from Home

Nature Journals

Hep A & B Vaccinations

Vision Express Eyewear

Health & Wellbeing Activities

Work from Home

Enhanced Maternity, Paternity & Adoption Leave

Work from Home

Dedicated Training & Development Plans

Our Culture

For us, Culture is something that is very important. We all come from workplaces that we didn’t feel comfortable in, so we’ve made it our mission to make this workplace the best work environment we can.

Diversity & Inclusion

Science doesn’t descriminate.  Neither do we. We have positions available across the company for people from all backgrounds. 

Our Values

We’ve come up with the values that we always try and keep at the core of everything we do. We even have prizes for anybody who demonstrates any of these values.

Work from Home

Customer Service

We provide  incredible customer sevice and that is at the core of everything we do.

Continual Improvement

We know we can always do better by experimenting, trying new things, learning from our mistakes and improving on everything that we do to enhance our services and stay ahead of our competitors

Employee Development

We support each other at all times, it helps each of us develop, learn and grow with the business.


We strive on achieving more with less effort, marginal gains and successes are what we aim for every day

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Skills for Life with Antibody Analytics

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International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2022

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Meet Tim, Director of Molecular Biology

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Meet Andy, Managing Director

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