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Who are we?

Antibody Analytics are Contract Research Organisation dedicated to advancing drug development

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Antibody Analytics are Contract Research Organisation dedicated to advancing drug development

  • Scientists turn to us when they are looking to define their candidate’s mechanisms of action, bolster characterisation data or simply when they are struggling to resource their needs in house
  • Providing primary cell methods and bioassays complemented by a wide range of binding capabilities to help progress your therapeutic candidate throughout its clinical development journey
  • From discovery to the later clinical stages, we know how to build the correct assay designs at the appropriate stage to provide meaningful information to you and your team

Whether designing and developing bespoke bioassays or offering routine analysis on our already established assay platforms, Antibody Analytics has an exceptional track record of delivering beautiful results.

As we all know, bioanalytical testing is a crucial component to any successful drug development program, and finding the right partner who has the necessary expertise and flexibility is key. We work with our customers on even the most complex of molecules and understand not only the underlying science behind the assay, but of the regulatory landscape as a whole, and deliver robust assays to accelerate their drug development programs.

Whether a biosimilar or a new biological entity (NBE) such as a bispecific or ADC, our team of scientists are capable of rapidly solving your bioanalytical problems using both state-of-the-art techniques and innovative thinking, so regardless of your stage of development, allow us to deliver your beautiful bioassay!

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  • Speak to the biophysics team about off the shelf and bespoke assays to support binding analysis throughout drug development
  • Speak to our leading immunologists about approaches to better understand how your drug interacts with the immune system
  • Speak to our bioassay experts for advice and support in designing robust and reproducible methods that will give greater confidence in decision making

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